Pf Changs (Burbank, California)

Overall Verdict: Yummy!

I have to say, I’ve always had a soft spot for this Asian restaurant. So, when I became ‘mostly’ vegan, I was a bit apprehensive of what I could eat when I would visit PFChangs. But, it was actually wonderful. For an appetizer, We started with the vegetarian wraps with tofu.

Verdict: Yummy

I loved the crunch from the water chestnuts and iceberg lettuce cups. They’re special sauce hit the spot. Though, I strongly suggest you squeeze some lime on it, otherwise, its just ‘eh’.

Then, we had the vegetarian fried rice and Chang’s Spicy ‘Tofu’ (special order). Note: There is sugar in this dish. And some vegans won’t use sugar as some sugars are made with bone char. But if you don’t mind sugar, you can have this dish.

Verdict: once again…Yummy!

It was so satisfying and so filling. It was seriously an awesome dinner.

I noticed there are actually several options for vegans and they were very accommodating.

Would I go again?… Heck yes. Two thumbs up.

So Delicious® Coconut Milk Creamer

Verdict: Yummy

When I get a chance, I usually choose coconut or almond milk over soy. I like the taste better. More ‘milky’. So, when I walked through the Whole Foods aisle and saw this product, I was sooo excited! It’s about time someone competes against the popular SilkSoy creamer. And, let me tell you,  this creamer is Awesome.

It’s smooth, creamy, sweet, and I think tastes better than Silk Soy.

2 thumbs up for this one.

Morningstar Farms’ Vegan Grillers Burger

Verdict: Best in Show (Burgers)

This burger is unbelievable! It’s smokey and it has a great texture. My non-vegan hubby LOVES these burgers. You almost have to take a double-bite to make sure it really isn’t meat! How do they do that?

Anyhoo… I’ve tried other burgers like gardenburger and other earthy flavored burgers, but they just don’t cut it.

This is an awesome burger and truly tough to beat.

Daiya Cheese

Verdict: Best in Show!  (Cheese)

Beyond yummy…It’s (so far) ‘Best in Show’ cheese at Vegan Verdict.

It melts, it tastes good on crackers, it can make a MEAN grilled cheese, and of course, its unbelievable on pizza.

So, yes… it made ‘Best in Show’ Cheese.

But let me preface… there are not a lot of good tasting veggie cheeses out there.

Its actually quite tricky to make vegan cheeses that taste good. You actually have to be careful as many veggie cheeses are made with casein (dairy product). Making a ‘vegan’ cheese is tough. Make a ‘vegan’ cheese that tastes good? Tougher…

So, Let that be a dare to all you vegan cheese companies. Go ahead and give me what you got. Can you beat Daiya?

Purely Decadent’s Coconut Milk Ice Cream (Cookie Dough Flavor)

Verdict: Yummy!!

Oh heavens to Betsy! (wonder who betsy is and how did that catchphrase come about) But, anyways… oh heavens to Betsy!

This ice cream is unbelievable! Its creamy, slight coconut flavor, rich, indulgent, and chunky. The cookie dough is just right, the chocolate chips are just right, and most importantly, the ‘ice cream’ is just right.

I give this a Huge ‘Yummy’ verdict.

Great job Purely Decadent!

Happy Herbivore’s Vegan Alfredo Pasta

Verdict: Yucky!

As much as I love Happy Herbivore Recipes, I have to say… I was very disappointed in this particular recipe. Not sure what it was, but it sooo did not taste like the yummy alfredo I usually love. Maybe it was the tofu, maybe it was the wrong brand of nutritional yeast. I remember her saying once that she only likes Red Star’s Nutritional Yeast so that could very well be it. (I used Bragg’s)

What Im probably going to do is try this recipe one more time with Red Star yeast and if THAT doesn’t work, I’ll test another vegan alfredo recipe.

Major bummer cuz I definitely thought this was going to be a winner. It was simple to make and relatively quick.

Here’s to hoping Take 2 is a winner!

EatPastry Cookie Dough (Chocolate Chunk)

Verdict: Eh…

So, I was really excited to buy this. Blogger recommended it so needless to say, I was intrigued.

I thought it was decently priced at $5 a container as I can see myself make a few batches from it. I first decided to taste it raw and it was not that bad. It tasted like the real thing. Then I cooked it for 12 minutes at 340 degrees and I think i should’ve cooked it a bit longer because my hubby said they tasted a bit like pancakes. haha.

I disagree. Though they actually did taste like cookies… good cookies. I thought they would be better.

So, here’s what I’m going to do.

Im going to bake another batch for 15-16minutes and see what happens…

Next day.
15 minutes in the oven…

Verdict: Oh wow…Yummy!

Ok folks. You have got to cook it long enough or else, as my husband said,
it tastes somewhat of pancake form.

But at 15 minutes cooked…its sooo yum! Highly recommended chocolate chip cookie.
Might be even tested for ‘Best in Show’ against some other amazing cookies like Uncle Eddies..

Stay posted.

Follow Your Heart Mozzarella Cheese

Verdict: Eh…

Sorry Follow Your Heart. Though I truly love your company, I just wasn’t impressed with this cheese.

Daiya Cheese won this race by a mile.

The cheese was tough to melt, it definitely tasted like non-cheese and it didn’t make me want to finish my pizza.

I’ll try another flavor and see if there’s a better tasting follow your heart. Better luck next time.

Keeping you posted…